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June 15, 2024

Overwatch Swiss Elite series #2 ! 🏆

We are pleased to announce our participation in the FACEIT Community Showdown event ! 🇨🇭

Our tournament will be held next weekend:
🗓Group Stage: June 15 - 15h00
🏆Playoffs: June 16 - 14h00

💸Prize: 100.000 FACEIT Points + 4 slots for the @FACEIT_OW Community Showdown !
More information on OWSwitzerland Discord


May 9, 2024

OW is back at PolyLAN

After a long 5-year wait, Overwatch is back at PolyLAN!
We need 8 teams to make this event epic by month-end, and tickets are running out fast ⏳

Gather your team, we need you 🇨🇭


February 18, 2024

Hero Gauntlet Community Cup #1 ⚔️

Overwatch Switzerland is pleased to announce you their first community cup !

🗓️Game Day : February 18
💸Win a cash prize of 200 CHF

For any questions / informations you can check up the discord !


March 1, 2024

The Overwatch Champions Series is HERE 🏟️

The future of Overwatch Esports is here.

Get a closer look for what will replace the OWL this year !
They made a video about all of it, click on the link below!


February 10, 2024

Addicted eSports & WCH 5v5 Community Tournament

In an exciting collaboration, watchpoint is looking forward to bring a brand new tournament to the Swiss community on February 10th.

Challenge other Swiss teams for the cash prize of 200 CHF!🥇


November 26, 2023

Overwatch Swiss Elite series ! 🏆

Overwatch Switzerland is announcing their new project !
The Overwatch Swiss Elite 🏆
Their objective is to bring together competitive teams and enthusiastic players, offering them a platform to elevate their skills and knowledge. .

Grab some players and make a team to compete in their first tournament ! ⚔️


November 5, 2023

WCH Community 5v5 Tournament Bronze - Diamond #1

It's time for another WCH 5v5 tournament, this time with a twist! Bronze Silver Gold Platinum & Diamond players can rally up on the 5th of November! 📆


October 14, 2023

SwitzerLAN VODs

You missed the LAN?
No worries! We uploaded for you some rounds and the grand final!
Available on our YouTube


September 30, 2023

Meet the OW voice actresses !

Meet Overwatch's talented voice actresses:
@Hollings_Chloe (Widowmaker), @LuciePohlComedy (Mercy) & @CarolinaRavassa (Sombra) at the 2023 @ZurichPopCon this Saturday, September 30 at 14:45 and Sunday, October 1 at 16:40 ✨


September 25, 2023

Join us on discord !

OWSWitzerland just opened its brand-new discord server !
Join them to keep an eye on the futur event they'll organize this winter 2023!


August 27, 2023

WCH Community 5v5
Tournament #3

Watchpoint: Switzerland presents another tournament for the Swiss Overwatch Community. A new OW 5v5 tournament is taking place on the 27th of August!


July 15, 2023

Overwatch Switzerland

Meet a new Swiss Overwatch Community 🇨🇭

Keep up to date with the Swiss #Overwatch2 Community and the DACH region, covering everything from Overwatch Esports, including tournaments and LAN events !


July 29, 2023

Project Elo
Watchpoint: Switzerland

Join us on Sunday 9th July and Wednesday 26th July, to see the newest Watchpoint:Switzerland project, Project Elo.

10 players below Diamond
2 Teams
2 Showmatches


October 13, 2023

SwitzerLAN 2023 Ow2
Coming back

On the 12th october the SwitzerLAN is organising an OW2 tournament in Bern.

We will keep an update on the TOP3 teams in the tourney.


June 14, 2023

Overwatch World Cup
- Team Switzerland 23

We sadly didn't manage to qualify ourselfs for this world cup. We wish good luck to all the countries !
If you want more information about the team and to stay up to date with what's going on in switzerland you can follow their twitter account.


May 14, 2023

WCH Community 5v5
Tournament #2

Are you looking for more competition? We have what you're looking forward! A new OW 5v5 tournament is taking place on the 14th of May!


April 10, 2023

PolyLAN Animation

An Overwatch2 animation is going to take place at PolyLAN!


February 28, 2023

Overwatch World Cup
- Team Switzerland 2023

We sadly didn't got qualified to directly go in closed qualifiers but we wont give up yet, there is 4 spots to secure !

We will organise some tryouts for the Team and hopefully do our best to secure a spot.

Here is the form if you want to sign up for the tryouts. (end on the 14th march 2023)


February 22, 2023

Watchpoint: show

Watchpoint Switzerland is hosting some players monthly to talk about what's new on overwatch !

In case if you missed it the VOD's of the stream are uploaded directly on youtube so you can watch it at anytime


February 12, 2023

WCH Community 5v5
Tournament #1

In light of the recent announcement regarding the owwc we're looking to bring the community together for more competitive events, and tonight we're happy to announce the first WCH community tournament.


December 11, 2022

Community Mana Cup #1
Ow2 Tournament

Watchpoint Switzerland is organising a tournament on the 4th & 11th december.

On the 4th december qualifiers will take place online and the finals will be happening on the 11th at the

The prizepool will be a foundraiser. You can donate here.


November 6, 2022

Ow2 Community Cup

Watchpoint Switzerland organised a tournament with the SEL on the 6 november 2022.


November 19, 2022

Ow2 tournament

Ebou Cup II was student's tournament including OW2 organize by an EPFL-UNIL association. It was an online tournament taking place on the 13th november and 19th.


October 14, 2022

Ow2 tournament

On the 14th october the SwitzerLAN is organising an OW2 tournament in Bern.

We will keep an update on the TOP3 teams in the tourney.


October 4, 2022

New Hero >

Overwatch 2 New Hero Kiriko Abilities and Ultimates. She runs with knives all the time. (Kunai blades, to be precise.) Check out Kiriko’s ability kit and prepare to rush into action as an all-new support hero in Overwatch 2. #Overwatch2 arrives free-to-play October 4


October 4, 2022

Overawtch 2
Arriving soon !

#Overwatch2 arrives October 4, ushering in a new era for the franchise as a free-to-play live service game! Learn more about the game and our commitment to deliver frequent seasonal content updates that expand the game to ensure there’s always something new to play.


June 28, 2022

Overwatch 2 Beta n°2
Sign up

Several extraordinary heroes will be joining the current soldiers, scientists, and adventurers of Overwatch. There’s a new hero for you–and many more to come. Like Rio's new map, the sanctuary of lucio !


June 28, 2022

New Hero >
Junker Queen

The sovereign of the Scrapyard has arrived—all hail the Queen! Deigning to grace the Overwatch 2 PvP Beta with her presence, the Junker Queen is here to brawl with the best and claim her throne above the rest.


April 26, 2022

The overwatch 2
Beta is here !


New maps and modes

Hero reworks


June 16, 2022

Overwatch Beta n°2


Save the date for an #Overwatch2 Event on June 16, where we will share our plan for the months ahead, including the next PVP Beta!


13 mai 2022

Swiss Showmatch
Overwatch 2 Beta

Top players with access to the Beta will play against eatchother and streammed by the SEL on twitch

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